Totalan Town Village Malaga


Totalán, a small white village in Axarquía, near the coast where the raisin route crosses the land where the great flamenco singer and songwriter Antonio Molina was born.

Where is Totalán located

Totalán is located 19km from Malaga capital with a population of 746 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 9,21km square.

The origin of the name Totalán

The origin of the town’s name comes from the Arabic where “Totalán” means “Torta” (Scone or Cake).

Denonym of the people of Totalán

The inhabitants are called “totalaneño or totalaneña” or also “totaleño or totaleña”.

Monuments and places of interest in Totalán

  • Church of Santa Ana 
  • Vigil Tower de Salazar: A defense tower from the 11th century that formed part of the defensive system and coastal surveillance during the Muslim era, located on the MA-3202 road about 7km from the center of the town.
  • Dolmen del Cerro de la Corona
  • Monument Antonio Molina: Singer and actor of Totalan origin (1928-1992). His copla and flamenco captivated Spain in the 1950s, producing a dozen films and singing more than a thousand songs. Sculpture inaugurated in 2017, the singer’s sculpture measures 2.40m located on an old stone of a mill.
    Escultura Monumento Antonio Molina Totalan Malaga

For more information about Totalán Village: visit the City Council page