Tolox Town Village Malaga


Tolox village, surrounded by rivers and mountains of the Sierra de Nieves creates a perfect environment where nature joins Malaga tradition and hospitality.

Where is Tolox located

Tolox, is located in the interior of the province 57Km from Malaga capital with a population of 2.107 inhabitants. The town is located in the region of Las Sierras de las Nieves.

Where to park in Tolox

Within the town there are not many parking options, as most of the streets are pedestrianized. We entered the town but as soon as we saw the slopes we turned around and parked just outside the town just past the Tolox welcome sign and we walked towards the town.

The origin of the name Tolox

The name of Tolox seems to come from “Tulos” which means high mountain or high rock.

History of Tolox

In 1485, the first future mayor of Tolox Sancho de Angula conquered the town against the Muslims who surrendered to the Catholic Monarchs, the latter allowed to remain in the town on condition that they declared themselves vassals respecting the Catholic religion, language and customs .

The privileges of the Moors began, gradually suppressing, causing great tension in the Moors, until they reached an open confrontation on Christmas 1539, chronicles relate that this confrontation was triggered by an altercation between two women, one Muslim and the other Christian. As punishment for this affront, troops arrived who, after great efforts, managed to prevail. The Moors fled, devastating the fields and punishing the farmers. This fact is commemorated every year on December 8 on Dia de las Mozas.

In 1571 Tolox was depopulated until, by order of King Felipe II, he began to repopulate with Christians from Córdoba, Seville and Galicia.

Curiosities about Tolox

Tolox village, is known for his hot springs and fountains with healing purposes since its waters give off a gas that is great for our respiratory system.

Monuments and Places of Interest in Tolox

  • Balneario de Tolox: Don José García Rey, a native of Tolox and a pharmacist, began a scientific study on the Tolox springs, emphasizing the gases for healing purposes that the spring water releases. In 1869 the inhalation spa of its waters was inaugurated, which attracts great athletes from all over the world.
  • Barrio Alto y Barrio Castillo: In the 9th century there is information that there was a castle in Tolox. Today only remains of a wall are preserved, which can be seen in its narrow alleys in the center and there are some remains inside some private homes. The Barrio Alto is a picturesque place with typical Andalusian streets, with steep alleys and corners full of flowers and traditional andalusian facades.
  • House Museum of Popular Arts: Open since 1992, it is a museum set in the 19th century style. A museum where the three exhibition rooms take you to Tolox’s past. The exhibition, made up of objects, toys, and tools they used to work the fields, also has some of the parts from the last mill of Tolox. Besides, it also has an exhibition of images and photographs from the fifties.
  • Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel: Built in 1505. It was in this church that Christians took refuge during the Moorish uprising of 1568. After a fire it was rebuilt in 1577 by the master of the Malaga Cathedral. The church tower was built on top of a former Minaret of the old mosque.
  • Hermitage of San Roque: Built in the 80s in the 20th century about 2km from the municipality on the remains of a primitive hermitage in honor of the patron saint of the town, San Roque.
  • Hermitage of Virgen de las Sierra: Built with natural stones from the area, forming a beautiful landscape, located in the heart of the Sierra de las Nieves, 5 km from the town of Tolox.
  • Cueva de la Tinaja: A cave located in the Arroyo de los Horcajos in the Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.

For more information about Tolox village: visit the City Council page