Casares Village Town Malaga


The Castle of Casares watches over the picturesque white streets where the Andalusian spirit is kept alive in Blas Infante’s hometown.

Where is Casares located

Casares is located 101km from Malaga capital with a population of 2.502 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 160km square.

The origin of the Name Casares

There are two possible theories:

  • The name originates from “Caxara” which means in Arabic <fortress>.
  • The name comes from “Caesar” which means Roman leader.

Demonym of the people  of Casares

The inhabitants are called “Casareño or Casareña”.

Curiosities about Casares

  • Windows 7 included among its wallpapers an image of Casares.

Monuments and places of interest in Casares

  • Castle of Casares
  • Church of La EncarnaciónChurch Encarnación Casares Malaga
  • Hermitage of San SebastiánHermitage of Saint Sebastian Casares Malaga
  • Blas Infante’s Birthplace
  • Carlos III FountainFountain King Charles III Casares
  • Hedionda Baths
  • Puente-acueducto de los Baños
  • Salt tower
  • Lacipo
  • Albarra Bridge
  • Hermitage of the Virgen del Rosario del Campo
  • Monument Statue Blas InfanteMonument Statue Blas Infante Casares Malaga

For more information about Casares Village: visit the City Council page