Benadalid Village Town Malaga


Benadalid white town in the Genal Valley has become a rural tourism area highlighting its peculiar castle.

Where is Benadalid located

Benadalid is located 139km from Malaga capital with a population of 215 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 20km square.

Origin of the name Benadalid

The origin of the name Benadalid comes from the Berber tribe in the 8th century called “Al Khalid de Banu” who settled in the region.

Denonym of the people of Benadalid

The inhabitants are called “benalizo or benaliza“.

Monuments and places of interest in Benadalid

  • Castle of Benadalid: The castle already appears in documentation dating from the year 1286. It is a peculiar castle with circular towers in three of its four corners. The construction of the walls are masonry worked with lime mortar.Castillo de Benadalid Malaga
  • Church of San Isidro: Located in the Bení Al Jali square. The temple was built in 1505, but undergoes multiple modifications from the 18th century to how we know the church today. The bell tower clock was donated by the city council in 1954.Iglesia de San Isidro Benadalid Malaga
  • Fountain de la Ermitafuente de la ermita Benadalid
  • Plaza Nueva SquarePlaza Nueva Benadalid Malaga

Donde comer en Benadalid

  • Restaurante Los LabraosRestaurante los Labraos Benadalid Malaga


For more information about Benadalid Pueblo: visit the City Council page