Fuengirola in the heart of the Costa del Sol. From a humble fishing village to an exemplary city dedicated to tourism without losing its charm.

Geographical Description: Fuengirola is located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, 33 km from Malaga capital with a population of 80309 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 11 km square.

Personal description:

Where to park in Fuengirola? Fuengirola has a lot of parking options. Along its 8 km of promenade there is blue zone parking that is paid during certain hours. In the following streets you find white zone that is free of charge. In general it is not difficult to park in Fuengirola. Only in the summer months it is a little more difficult, but in case of extreme difficulty there are always the fairground area and the Miramar area where there are many parking slots.

Curiosities: In 1808 The Battle of Fuengirola was fought during the Peninsular War.  


Phoenician era: Syalis

Roman Period: Suel

Muslim era: Sohail or Suhayl

XV century: Font-Jirona

History: Fuengirola was founded by the Phoenicians, although it is believed through the writings of Hecateo in 500 BC by an Iberian tribe called Bastetanos where they mention Syalis.

In Roman times it began to be called Suel, the Romans left their mark on Fuengirola through the remains such as the Finca del Secretario, baths, and fish salting factories that we can find close to the Castle of Fuengirola.

In the 5th century the area is occupied by vandals. Then there is a period when there is not much information, it is believed that the area was depopulated due to a tsunami or continuous piracy attacks.


  • Fuengirola cakes
  • Espetos
  • Fried fish
  • Fideos a la banda
  • Malaga salad

Monuments & places of interest:

  • Sohail Castle
  • Museo Municipal
  • Finca Romana
  • Mosque Fuengirola: Also known as “Suhail Islamic Cultural Center”, it was effectively inaugurated in December 1992 (1413 Hegira) and officially in October 1993 (11414 Hegira). The idea of ​​creating a Mosque in Fuengirola that would bring together all the Muslims residing on the Costa del Sol and in the neighboring provinces came from the Hon. Mr. Mohamed Bashir Kurdi. Little by little, this idea was gaining adherents, obtaining the support of prominent Islamic personalities and local politicians who understood the importance of creating a mosque that would help Muslims preserve their identity in total harmony with the process of their integration into their society. welcome, and that it would be a bridge between the different cultures and religions, so that, through constructive dialogue, we could reach a better understanding, thus achieving a better world.
  • Salón Varietes: The only english speaking theatre at the Costa del Sol, with dozens of shows every season such as musicals, theatre plays and concerts.


January 5: Three Kings Parade, starting around seven in the afternoon, dozens of decorated trucks crossing Fuengirola center on the main road, distributing tons of candy.

End of April: International People’s Fair, in the fairground dozens of pavilions become countries for 5-6 days. Each country offers its most typical foods and traditions. In general, on May 1 in the morning, a parade of all the participating countries goes from the town hall to the venue.

Summer: Film Festival on the beach.

June 24, Noche de San Juan, the night of June 23 is celebrated with barbecues and “moragas” on the beaches of Fuengirola.

July: Noche Viva Fuengirola

Week of July 16: Los Boliches Fair, patron saint festivities in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

October 6 to 12: Fuengirola Fair and in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, patron saint of the city. On the fairground, the pavilions become a fair booth offering local cuisine with traditional music. During the day you can enjoy the floats and horse carriages.

December: Children’s Medieval Festival, the center of Fuengirola goes back in time with activities, theaters and classic children’s games of a lifetime.


Tuesday at the fairground: In the morning between 9:00 and 14:00. Sale of clothes, shoes, fruits, vegetables, sheets, etc.

Saturday at the fairground: In the morning between 9:00 and 14:00. Second Hand articles..

Sunday: Market in the Doña Sofía Park – Next to the Mosque