Where is Casares located?

Casares is located 101km from Malaga capital with a population of 2.502 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 160km square.

The origin of the Name Casares

There are two possible theories:

  • The name originates from “Caxara” which means in Arabic <fortress>.
  • The name comes from “Caesar” which means Roman leader.

Curiosities about Casares

  • Windows 7 included among its wallpapers an image of Casares.

Monuments and places of interest in Casares

  • Castle of Casares
  • Church of La Encarnación
  • Hermitage of San Sebastián
  • Blas Infante’s Birthplace
  • Carlos III Fountain
  • Hedionda Baths
  • Puente-acueducto de los Baños
  • Salt tower
  • Lacipo
  • Albarra Bridge
  • Hermitage of the Virgen del Rosario del Campo
  • Monument Statue Blas Infante

For more information about Casares Village: visit the City Council page