Alameda that borders with the province of Córdoba where the spirit of one of the most famous bandits lives on along the “El Tempranillo” route.

Where is Alameda located?

Alameda is located 72km from Malaga capital with a population of 5.732 inhabitants. The municipal term has a dimension of almost 65km square.

The origin of the name Alameda

Alameda means an area or zone that is populated by trees called poplars.

Monuments and places to visit in Alameda

  • Iglesia de la Inmaculada Concepción: This church of Baroque architecture built between the years 1696 and 1700.
  • The tomb of “Tempranillo”: The tomb of José María Hinojosa Cobacho, better known as “El Tempranillo” one of the most famous bandits known to Malaga. The tomb is in the interior courtyard of the Alameda Church.Tomb Burrial of el tempranillo Alameda Malaga
  • Placeta Fountain: The fountain appears on the Alameda heraldic shield. It was placed during the Reign of Carlos III in the mid-eighteenth century, carved and made of Antequerana stone. The main structure is a vertical monolith that supports a cup from which four pipes or jets emerge. The water falls into an octagonal pillar, which was used as a trough for older cattle. The excess water was channeled to irrigate the nearby orchards of the town.
  • Chalcolithic Silos Deposit: The human presence dates back to the year 2500-2000 BC in the Copper Age period, also called Chalcolithic. Exceptionally, there are some remains from this period in Alameda that demonstrate human existence.
  • The Roman baths of Alameda: The baths occupy around 3000 square meters. The ruins date from the 1st to the 3rd centuries after Christ. The Roman building had changing rooms, swimming pools, fireplaces and ovens. There is a Thematic Center about the Roman Baths where the visitor can discover the working operation of the baths.
  • Blas Infante Monument
  • Monument to José María Hinojosa Cobacho “El Tempranillo”El Tempranillo Bandit Alameda Malaga
  • Museum of old tools: Several rooms dedicated to objects of popular crafts, as well as different photographs related to the famous bandit “El Tempranillo”.
    Andalusian countryside theme center: This center pays tribute to the village its past by discovering what life was like in the countryside in Andalusia where wheat and olive trees stand out.

For more information about Alameda Village: visit the City Council page